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Blog Caribbean 5.0

Blog Caribbean 5.0

Caribbean SIDS are red

Posted on April 12, 2013 at 7:40 PM

What theory can explain the the paterns we see in the caribbean SIDS? Spiral Dynamics! Spiral Dynamics argues that human nature is notfixed: humans are able, when forced by life conditions, to adapt to theirenvironment by constructing new, more complex, conceptual models of theworld that allow them to handle the new problems.  Each new modeltranscends and includes all previous models. According to Beck and Cowan, theseconceptual models are organized around so-called vMemes: systems ofcore values or collectiveintelligences, applicable to both individuals and entirecultures.

In spiral dynamics, the term vMeme refers to a core value system, acting as an organizing principle, which expresses itself through memes(self-propagating ideas, habits, or cultural practices). The prepended andsuperscripted letter v indicates these are not basic memes but valuesystems which include them. The colors act as reminders for the Life Conditionsand Mind Capacities of each system and alternate between cool and warm colorsas a part of the model.[2]

Within the model, individuals and cultures do not fall clearly in anysingle category (color). Each person/culture embodies a mixture of the valuepatterns, with varying degrees of intensity in each. Spiral Dynamics claims notto be a linear or hierarchical model, although this assertion has beencontested.  According to Spiral Dynamics,there are infinite stages of progress and regression over time dependent uponthe life circumstances of the person/culture, which are constantly in flux.Attaining higher stages of development is not synonymous with attaining a'better' or 'more correct' values system. All stages co-exist in both healthyand unhealthy states, whereby any stage of development can lead to undesirableoutcomes with respect to the health of the human and social environment (seeShadow & Spin-off or Sub-Personalities).

Spiral dynamics is the Maslow pyramid forgroups, organizations and societies. The theory knows the following levels.

BeigeSummary: Archaic-instinctive—survivalistic/automatic/reflexologicalTime of origin: c. 100,000 BCDescription: "Express self to meet imperative physiological needs through instincts of Homo sapiens."PurpleSummary: Animistic-tribalistic magical-animistic Tribal orderTime of origin: 50,000 BCDescription: "Sacrifice to the ways of the elders and customs as one subsumed in group." This is the level of traditional cultures.RedSummary: Egocentric-exploitive power gods/dominionistTime of origin: 7000 BCDescription: "Express self (impulsively) for what self desires without guilt and to avoid shame." Expressed by the mentality of street gangs, Vikings, etc.BlueSummary: Absolutistic-obedience mythic order—purposeful/authoritarianTime of origin: c. 3000 BCDescription: "Sacrifice self for reward to come through obedience to rightful authority in purposeful Way." Embodied by fundamentalist religions.OrangeSummary: Multiplistic-achievist scientific/strategicTime of origin: c. 1000 AD on (as early as 600 AD according to Graves and Calhoun)Description: "Express self (calculatedly) to reach goals and objectives without rousing the ire of important others." Expressed in the Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.GreenSummary: Relativistic-personalistic—communitarian/egalitarianTime of origin: From 1850 on (surged in early 20th century)Description: "Sacrifice self-interest now in order to gain acceptance and group harmony." Expressed in 1960s pluralism and systems theory.YellowSummary: Systemic-integrativeTime of origin: 1950sDescription: "Express self not for what self desires, but to avoid harm to others so that all life, not just own life, will benefit."TurquoiseSummary: HolisticTime of origin: 1970sDescription: An integrative system which combines an organism's necessary self-interest with the interests of the communities in which it participates. The theory is still forming. 

Caribbean societies are “red”.



Categories: Caribbean Society 3.0, SIDS, Political Science

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