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International Webinar: Governance in 2021

Friday, 29 January 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed many weaknesses in our governance systems. It is not only this crisis. It has made the climate crisis and the issue of inequality and poverty more urgent. Does Covid-19 send us a message to notice that we need to RESET our lives and our governance? In this International Webinar, we will explore this new frontier.

  • How to stay or become successful after Covid-19?
  • How has the business environment changed?
  • What are the trends?
  • What are the emerging technologies?
  • How to redefine your mission?
  • How to shape your business strategy?
  • How to create a new business model?
  • The role of leadership.
  • How to care for people and the planet.
  • The emergence of stakeholder centered models replacing shareholder centered

We will discuss several documents you can download:

Society 5.0, We and I

COVID-19 and Change

Vision Curacao 2030

Moonshots Curacao 2030

In this unique webinar, we will address these issues.

A totally different revolutionary approach, because other approaches took us/you so far.

Especially for people who went to another traditional program and still feel they are lacking something.

This is (re-)fresh. Corporate Governance is not about the rules but about the principles behind the rules. Know the principles and the rules become secondary, because you understand.

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  • Dr. Miguel Goede, boardroom consultant.

When and where?

Dates: Friday 29 January 2020

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Location: Zoom

Languages: English

Who should participate?

CEO's, Members of Supervisory Boards, Advisers, Others

From: Curacao, all the Caribbean islands, The Netherlands, Surinam.

Languages: Dutch, English, Papiamentu

Cost (incl. tax):

NAG. 100,-

45 Euro

US $ 55

Only 20 participants

We sponsor one Young Professional and one NGO.


"....interconnect subjects, provide a wide scope of corporate governance, trigger the audience. High level approach."
"De praktische voorbeelden die de "trainers" hadden."
"High quality and knowledge level of the trainers, different settings."
"The best aspect is using the trainers who and where in the business as director, RVC or Minister."
"Translation of rules into practice Information about the relationship politics / entities."

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