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Project experience Workshop                                                                 Policy Writing, June 2017
  • Evaluation political party 2017
  • Policy Paper Privatization in Curacao, May 2017
  • Workshop Political Science, May 2017
  • Evaluation of a political party, May 2012
  • Branding strategy for big law firm, 2012
  • President of the UNESCO conference on Caribbean Small Isands 20
  • Peer Review of National Integrity System Assessment of Turks and Caicos Islands, Transparency International, December 2010
  • The Final evaluation of institutions of Curacao and St. Maarten to assess the readiness to become autonomous countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, March - April 2010
  • Governance structure for a key foundation, June 2009
  • Strategic plan for a Caribbean distributor, May 2009
  • Design and implementation of the organization of the Public Prosecutor of Curacao, St Maarten and the BES islands engagement, 2009
  • Berenschot strategy development, December 2008
  • Reorganisatie SEF/ interim 2008
  • Vision Fundashon Korsou Limpi Bunita, November 2008
  • Development Program for Supervisory Board Members of Curacao
  • Management Development Program for the Health care Sector of Curacao
  • Consultant on governance to the executive board of a development bank in Curacao
  • Consultant on governance to an executive board of an aviation authority in the Netherlands Antilles
  • In charge of the Certification Program for Board Members of Corporations
  • Initiator of the Professorial Chair on Knowledge Economy at the University of the Netherlands Antilles.
  • Coach of school management teams
  • President of the conference on Integrated Development of the Netherlands Antilles (November 26, 2005)
  • Ph.D. dissertation on September 2, 2005. Title: Growth and fragmentation of the Government of the Netherlands Antilles and Curacao?
  • President of the Referendum Committee 2005 on constitutional reforms based on the right of self-determination of Curacao
  • Interim management psychiatric hospital
  • Interim management Parole Board Curacao
  • Strategy Nurse School
  • Strategy Foundation Educatieve Televisie
  • Web strategy Olympic Committee of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Web strategy Department of Education of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Design Organizational Structure Humana resource Department of the Island Territory of Curacao
  • Design of the Internal Control system of a Central Bank in the Caribbean
  • Survey of the media in Curacao
  • Interim Manager of a big whole sale in Cura?ao
  • Consultant developing a e-Strategy for Aruba's financial sector
  • Consultant introducing performance management in the Department of Economic Affairs in Aruba
  • Design of the new organization of the Finance Department of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Job description in five governmental agencies
  • Coaching head of Department of the Government of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Business scan of a bank in Aruba
  • Change Management of the Department of Social Affairs in Aruba
  • Consulting government agencies in Curacao to write business plans
  • Organizational Development of a Government Department in Aruba
  • Development of the government policy on sport
  • Implementing performance management at an international bank in Curacao
  • Developing a strategy for the island of Curacao
  • Change Enablement for the national airline of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Project manager Reinventing Government of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Consultant of the founding of the Curacao Quality Foundation
  • Consultant of the restructurings of a telecom company in Bonaire
  • Consultant to the minister of Finance of the Netherlands Antilles
  • Design of the big efficiency operation of the island government of Cura?ao
  • The merger of financial institutions
  • Feasibility study location Job center Curacao
  • Consultant senior citizen policy Curacao
  • Project manager efficiency scan government foundations
  • Consultant government policy on sports
  • Facilitator Change Enablement Workshop
  • Faculty training political history of the Netherlands Antilles on Bonaire
  • Faculty Civics & Citizenship Tourism Awareness Program
  • Business plan for a local Bank
  • Change Enablement of a local bank